Domestic Language


Domestic Language is a video installation with a scrambled computer-generated script presented by performers, whose faces were projected onto gessoed eggs installed in a cabinet hung from the ceiling. The script used all the concrete nouns from the objects that appeared in the collaged image on the cabinet; all the abstract nouns from the critical writings of Oscar Wilde; all the verbs from erotic fictions; all the adjectives from the press releases of art galleries; all the adverbs from the speeches of former presidents; and all the interjections from animal onomatopoeia.

The theatrical nature of the piece sets the audience in the position of disinterested spectators. The absurdity of the words spoken indicates the ultimate failure of interpersonal communication, even within the same niche, as in the tale of the Tower of Babel or the theories of Ludwig Wittgenstein. The way individuals are categorized according to their cultural backgrounds and ethnic origins creates the barrier per se even when speaking the same language, as if globalization was a spurious proposition in the first place. The actors and actresses read the script out loud with intense emotions following a concrete storyline, despite the extreme expressions none of the content could be conveyed.